My name is Anne and I’m an artist. I was born in Rome and I live in a neighborhood called Villa Verde with my lovely dog Trevi. Everyday, I get up at around 10 am, I’m drinking 2 cups of coffee and I’m preparing for that day because life has taught me to make the most of my plans as if I were to live for 100 years …so I keep that plot everyday.

I like being childish and inexplicable. Happy and free. My favorite color is red. My favorite food is spaghetti. I work all alone and appreciate independence, activity, perseverance and endurance. I do not exercise physically.

I have a little strange and very special attitude on politics and religion. I’ve read a book about human relationships, psychology with various emotional intelligence, and laws of attraction. I do what I really love and I consider it worthwhile. I read professional books because I always learn something useful from them. I have a very small percentage of negative energy.

My interests are quite a lot. Art, music, movie, I love nature, animals and flowers; whatever makes me happy. I’m asocial, so I spend part of my time on Facebook. It is with them to experience that today is normal so I do not worry too much except to become asocial if I’m not already wearing my reading glasses

So if you carefully read my blog, I do not really have any social life because I’m in the studio all day.

Each art has its own language. My art has an independent and free position in society; Art does not have a socially-prescribed purpose; the purpose of art lies in the fulfillment of its defined nature, determined by the ideas of freedom, imagination, individuality, discovery, experiment, rebellion, beauty, truth, justice, style and language of expression. Art and its world, in modern society, do not only do what we see, hear, read, imagine, what we perceive as an art object, but also an entire “invisible” world…

If you dare, you can send me mail … 🙂

Greetings to everyone and enjoy life at least as much as I do .. I wish you all the best.