Avoid Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes with These Tips

Renovating a bathroom can be an easy task; simply refresh the tiles, replace the bathtub and then you can call it a day. Move that thought from your head – renewing your bathroom would cost (financially and emotionally) you more than just buying a mortar. You need to think about plumbing, mirrors, lighting, towel racks – and the list goes on. There’s more to be considered when you’re renovating a bathroom and we’re here to make sure that you are on the right track.

Lots of people say that the bathroom is the toddler in a home renovation project – it may look easy to renovate it, but actually there are lots of things that you can do wrong while renovating it. The bathroom is probably the most functional room in the house, which means that well-organised layout is essential. Here are the most common mistakes people made when renovating their bathroom and how to avoid them.

1. Not having a good plan

A plan, a man, and a bathroom. The bathroom should be completely organised in advance first. Because there are many finicky elements involved, you cannot collect them together like a puzzle, piece by piece. You should also make your bathroom functional rather than only pleasing the eyes. Ƒor example, you have to make sure that the layout of the bathroom is suitable for the plumbing system. Also, you need to know where the bathtub, sink, and toilet should be places before starting the renovation project.

2. Incorporating too many design elements

The bathroom is often a small space; it can not handle too many design elements there. You should first choose a focal point – for example, an independent bathtub – and build a room design around the piece. Not all furniture can be a star, so you can skip to incorporate that gold cabinet if you already have a greenish-blue showerhead. The bathroom would naturally be a place of chaos and mess. The design should not reflect this. Actually, it should mute all the mess and chaos.

3. Forgetting about the storage

The ideal bathroom is usually simple – often white and scarcely decorated. But this does not reflect the nature of the bathroom. We actually need so many stuffs to be put in there. From the towel to the toilet, the bathroom needs a lot of storage. In addition, toiletries and the like are often kinds of storage that we do not want lying around there. Also about the guest bathroom, people always forget that guests will have things and stuffs. Furthermore, there is no place for guests to store cosmetics and else if you don’t have a dedicated storage for these stuffs.

4. Ignoring the electricity

Remember that your hair straightener or hair dryer must be plugged in somewhere! You should have a vanity that is closed to an electricity source – you do not want to use extension cords or an extension socket in your bathroom. The small space attaches quickly and everything you can do to keep the free space away from the whole atmosphere.

5. Getting too excited with tiles

Tiling can be a fun part of the bathroom renovation – what home space is built like a mosaic, a piece of shiny pieces? But I invite homeowners to remember to keep the bathroom simple. It is advisable to pair the tile design – say, black beetle – in a more neutral tone. The bathroom is not a place for extreme designs. The bathroom is the place to be organised. It should not require attention with shaded tiles.

The only thing that I really stressed – and we will say it again – is to have a plan. Before you start updating, consider the mood you want to be there. Do you want tranquility of the sea? Or a refined grace, with an elegant golden accent?

Also, before starting your renovation plan, make sure that the bathroom is free from asbestos materials! Contact a pro to do an asbestos testing Brisbane work there. Entering a renovation project with a plan will produce more efficient and useful results. Decisions will be easier and the final product will communicate a cohesive and integrated vision.